• By admin 24/09/2018

Raised in a lonely, loveless household, this orphaned girl was thrust into a strange world in a split second. Soon after arriving in the Land of the Keepers Sara discovers why she is chosen to be there; she has the power to control water and all things associated with it. It is also while in The Land of the Keepers that she meets two people who are closer to her at first sight than any people she had known for years. These two people share a soul connection with her and she is aware of everything about them from the moment they meet. Together, these three children form the Moon Circle, the first of three circles that must gather for the final battle with Braccus. Throughout the book series Sara has been asked to sacrifice many things for such a young person. She is also the only one who can see Braccus as he really is- a rotting soul with a foul stench about him. Somewhere deep inside, she carries the knowledge of how to destroy him- he doesn’t plan to let her.

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